Rebasing Tuition

As part of its founding mission in 1870, Syracuse University values opportunity, access and academic excellence, enriched by a diverse student body and an inclusive campus environment. Syracuse has honored that founding mission in novel ways with programs dedicated to serving underrepresented groups, including students of color, veterans, Native Americans, people with varying abilities and students across the socioeconomic spectrum for whom higher education can seem out of reach.

Mindful of the delicate balance between tuition and access and affordability, Invest Syracuse: Advancing Academic Excellence and the Student Experience will dedicate significant resources to fundraising and identifying new cost-containment efforts. Ultimately, Invest Syracuse will create new opportunities for promising, high-achieving students and provide an exceptional student experience.

Over the last few years, we have undertaken strategic streamlining efforts and operational efficiencies to plan for the future. We are now-well positioned—with an ambitious academic strategic plan—to significantly enhance the student experience, advance our faculty and research portfolio, and expand opportunity and access

Our goal is to invest in the future in ways that are bold and balanced and fund our priorities defined by the Academic Strategic Plan.

Tuition Rebasing

As part of the Invest Syracuse initiative, one important source of new funds will be establishing a new tuition base for the 2018-2019 academic year. In addition to a 3.9 percent increase (pending board approval), tuition for newly entering students (first-year and transfer students) will have a $3,300 Invest Syracuse premium added to the base.

  • Current students and first-year and transfer students entering in the fall of 2017 will not be impacted by the premium.
  • Revenues from the Invest Syracuse tuition premium will be segmented into an Invest Syracuse Fund dedicated to enhancing the student experience, increasing financial aid and elevating undergraduate teaching and research.
  • Room and board costs will be frozen at the 2017-18 rates ($15,558) for incoming first-year and transfer students entering in the fall of 2018.

Pending board approval, the 2018-19 tuition will be set at $50,230, including the premium, for new students (Class of 2022). For returning students, tuition will be $46,930. It should be noted that 65 percent of all Syracuse students receive scholarships and grants and pay an average net tuition of about $28,000.