Learn about Invest Syracuse

Syracuse University is focused on the future—for our students, our faculty, our staff and our alumni—at a time of rapid change in higher education and the world.

Through campuswide collaboration, we have defined our vision and aspirations for the University. It is now time to advance the ideas set forth in our academic strategic plan, and launch Invest Syracuse: Advancing Academic Excellence and the Student Experience.

Through a bold and balanced approach of generating new resources and reducing administrative spending, the University will expand opportunity to students of promise and talent from across the socioeconomic spectrum; enhance their experience by strengthening advising, internships and study abroad; and invest in our faculty and research goals.

The campus growth and renewal efforts laid out in the Campus Framework will further distinguish Syracuse for excellence in teaching, learning, research and scholarship, and advance our standing as an academically distinguished, student-focused, international research university.

Syracuse University has a long and distinguished history of welcoming talented students from across the country and around the world, including those for whom access has historically been more challenging. We see this as a fundamental value and are committed to meeting the needs of students, our communities, our nation, and the world. We are leaders in advancing diversity, inclusion, interdisciplinary and global study, research and scholarship.

Given the rapid pace of change in the world and the shifting expectations and pressures impacting higher education, the times again call for a bold and balanced action. We have distinctive strengths, but we can, and must, be much more. We must focus on the future, and invest in getting there.” —  Chancellor Kent Syverud

Being future-focused means investing

Through campuswide collaboration to develop the Academic Strategic Plan, we have spent significant time over the last few years defining our vision and aspirations for Syracuse. It is now time to advance these plans and ideas and begin shaping the Syracuse of tomorrow.

Invest Syracuse: Advancing the Academic Plan and the Student Experience

Over the next five years, Syracuse will invest $100 million to:

  • Redefine the student experience—at Syracuse, beyond Syracuse and after Syracuse as part of our alumni community.
  • Advance discovery and innovation by growing faculty research competitiveness; providing faculty, departments and schools the tools and support to deliver innovative teaching while conducting groundbreaking research; and expanding the University’s global research portfolio.
  • Expand opportunity to students of promise and talent, especially those from underrepresented and marginalized populations, across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Together—the students, faculty, staff and alumni who make up the Syracuse University community—we will continue our bold and balanced trajectory to new levels of excellence and solidify Syracuse University’s standing as a preeminent, global research institution.